5 Piece Set

Soap Sampler Pack

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If you haven’t yet experienced our Artisan Soap products, now is your chance!
Try each of our products and you can decide which one you enjoy most.

What is in the Soap Sampler Pack?

You have an option to choose the sampler soap only, or add a Soap Saver bag.

You will receive 5 Large sliced samples. These are great to give as a gift or if you just want to try out a bunch of different natural soaps. They are also a great size to give to kids or take with you when you travel.

The types of soaps you will receive will be based on what is available at the time. Soap ends do not come individually wrapped or labelled but will be wrapped together in a bag.

Please specify if you would like all vegan soaps. While the majority of our soaps are vegan-friendly, or if you're are allergic to nut products.

The bars of soap are handcut - size and weight will vary.