Pumpkin Glass

Car Diffuser

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Combine your Pumpkin Car Diffuser with one our delicious scents.

Just open the wooden cap, remove the inner plastic stopper, screw the wooden cap back on and tip the car diffuser upside down until the cap is soaked. Then simply enjoy our fragrance released into the air. 

Volume: 10 mL

Product Care

  • Open the wooden cap and remove the inner plastic stopper.

  • Screw the wooden cap back on (Do not close tightly).

  • Invert the bottle until the wooden cap is soaked but not the string. Soaking up string can cause damage the plastic parts.

  • Please do not fiddle with this car diffuser while driving.

  • In the event of accidental ingestion, seek medical advice immediately.

  • Keep away from children, pets and individuals with hypersensitivity to perfumes.

  • To prevent damage to the interior of the car from an accidental spill, wipe immediately with a dry cloth, then wipe again thoroughly with cloth moistened with water.

  • Do Not Drink.