Bath Soak Tea Bags

Bath Soak Pack

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If you don't know which bath salts you'd like to try. Why not try these Bath Tea bags.

This is a  great way to sample our range of Soaking Salts and Milk Bath.  Each Jar comes with 3 individually wrapped Bath Tea Bags including:

* Pink Himalayan Soaking Salts
* Blissful Soaking Salts
* Calendula Bath Milk 

These Bath Tea Bags are an easy no-fuss way of enjoying a relaxing bath without any mess. The salts and other powdered ingredients easily dissolve releasing into the water, while the tea bag holds all the botanicals together while infusing the water. 

Weight:  200g



May contain Milk and nuts

How to use use

Begin filling the bath with warm water.  Add the tea bag to the bath and allow it to dissolver and steep.  Tea Bags can be added opened and added directly to the water if you wish. 

Once salt has dissolved, sit back and relax.